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Tandem Canon

Where Co-op Play is Canon

Welcome to the website, fam! So glad you could join us on this epic journey that decided to venture on. We're two gamer nerds who are here for the love of the game. Video games, that is. Whether it's blasting off into space, being apart of a Lego movie based game, or following an assassin seeking revenge, we are here for it!


For the love of nostalgia and geeking out to what we love and appreciate in this gamer life, we wanted to project our coversations and our passions into our podcast: Tandem Canon: The Game-rific Podcast.


This podcast is based on our attitudes, desires and experiences in the world of video gaming, particularly co-op. We're doing this for fun and we always believe that everyone has room on the co-op couch with us. On the podcast, we'll cover a wide range of topics, such as our favorite games; characters we feel are highly underrated; the games that have us catching feelings; franchises we wish could be fixed; our frustrations with movie based games, and more.

We are so excited about nerding out with you and would love you to level up with us each week. Please look for Tandem Canon: The Game-rific Podcast on your iTunes & the Google Play store to stay plugged in!

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